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 Rules for Habbzo

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PostSubject: Rules for Habbzo   Tue Sep 09, 2008 10:03 pm

The HabboAlive Forum Rules:

  • Do not cuss
  • Do not insult other users
  • Do not discuss illegal topics (e.g. retros, hacking websites, etc)
  • Do not pretend to be HabboAlive staff
  • Always stay on topic
  • Do not spam on HabboAlive
  • Do not discuss sexually explicit material, (e.g. porn sites)
  • Do not double post
  • Do not threaten other users
  • Do not pretend to be Habbo staff (or staff from other fan sites, if you are please prove it)
  • Do not be afraid to use the report button
  • Do not abuse the report button
  • Do not bug HabboAlive staff members for a job

Thank you,
Logan Habbzo owner
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Rules for Habbzo
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